Author Bio’s

Jack Hojnar (Twitter/LinkedIn) – Jack brings more than 20 years experience of strategic planning and development related to CBSI’s client growth plans having worked in executive leadership roles with successful start-ups Peapod and From creating financial models to developing mobile applications, Jack truly understands how to use technology to impact today’s businesses.

Stephanie Corritori (Twitter/LinkedIn) – Stephanie monitors social media trends and their impacts on the financial industry space, specifically in transaction account applications for CBSI.  With solid background in website design and social media analytics, she is uniquely qualified to identify new social media trends for our business.

Sonia Perugini (Twitter/LinkedIn) – Sonia specializes in marketing management, contact centers and project delivery with over 20 years’ experience working for both clients and suppliers. Her successes have encompassed working with leading brands across sectors including financial services, telecoms, consumer products and affinities.

Gihan Shahidy (Twitter/LinkedIn) – With over 17 years of experience, Gihan is responsible for the compliance of CBSI’s products and services.  Third parties will also utilize Gihan in a consultative manner.  Her focus is on the evaluation of security practices, including physical, logical, and quality assurance based on industry standard and acceptable practices.

Ken Kraetzer (Twitter/LinkedIn) – Ken has been a part of the CBSI team since 1990. While Ken has interfaced with many aspects of CBSI, his knowledge of regulatory matters that impact the financial services industry, the transaction account market and the enhancement industry are invaluable.

Peter Alter (Twitter/LinkedIn) – With more than 25 years of industry experience, Peter has created, implemented, and managed a wide range of benefits for CBSI’s client. Follow Peter on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn how CBSI’s benefits can increase retention, loyalty and ultimately earn revenue for your company.

Todd Conte (Twitter/LinkedIn) – With over 20 years of Insurance industry experience, Todd has been with CBSI since early 2003. At CBSI, Todd is responsible for developing strategic alliances & creating new Enhancement products and services for our clients.  While with CBSI, Todd has implemented programs for large Credit and Debit card issuers, however, has spent much of his career developing an expertise on the Prepaid card market.

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