About CBSI

As a marketing services firm with a quantitative perspective, CBSI is different than most. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we focus on three areas that we believe are critical to our Clients’ success:

Enhancement Programs:

We help Clients enhance their brands with specialized benefit programs. These programs can reinforce the value of the Client’s service or product, strengthen the customer relationship, and in some cases provide a new source of revenue to the Client.

Marketing Services:

We help Clients increase sales, reduce marketing costs, improve customer retention, and more. Our scientific approach to marketing emphasizes testing and helps Clients make better decisions about how to achieve their objectives.

Quality Assurance:

We help Clients ensure that their customer and prospect communication programs’ inbound or outbound, by phone, mail, in person, or online are as effective and efficient as possible. Our extensive list of QA services addresses all major aspects of customer communications, including many behind the scenes.

Our Clients include leading banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, service providers, and membership associations. CBSI is a major supplier of enhancement programs to one of the nation’s largest, best-known associations of payment-card issuers. In addition, over 1,500 financial institutions nationwide currently have customers enrolled in one or more of our enhancement programs.

Because of our attention to detail and ability to get things done, CBSI often functions as a direct extension of our Clients’ marketing departments. That’s why virtually all of CBSI’s business has come from existing clients and word-of-mouth for over 30 years.

CBSI Mission

To produce a select range of need-driven, quality products and services that help organizations increase loyalty, generate revenue, and/or stimulate usage among their existing customers and target markets.

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